Drones in Education: Why “Seeing Drones” could be a game changer

Drones in Education: Why “Seeing Drones” could be a game changer

coğrafyaWho can remember, or maybe wish to forget that teacher that droned on and on in school that put you into a mind-numbing zone out, and most certainly would test you on their endless word vomit of useless information, and when you missed it, reminded you how many times they covered it in class? This dreadful drone someday hopefully will no longer exist, until then, we should see the dawn of a new type of drone in education. With the continuous development of new technologies that can capture video evidence with important content makes it only a matter of time before modern day drones will be a regular part of public education.

There has been plenty of controversy surrounding the use and implementation of drone technology in our country, but controversy aside, the fact is that the technology is moving forward at such a pace that with the new abilities and innovations, namely the “Seeing Drone” Typhoon H using Intel RealSense that it won’t be long before we should see a boom in using them in schools. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. They are already a part of it. Many schools compete in robotics competitions, such as LEGO Education around the country, and students creating and using drone technologies to compete is becoming more common.
  2. The push for STEM in education. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education, that is driven by a national coalition to spread the awareness that these subjects play in the future of our nation to local, state and federal policymakers, with drones at the forefront in technology development, skills in this area will only grow in demand.
  3. The heightened awareness of long-term effects and injuries to student athletes, concussion awareness and how students are treated during practice. Drones can provide more video availability that can move with the player, protecting them from repeating injury prone movements.
  4. Active shooter response, such as ALICE training, with a drone strategically placed, there can be real-time video surveillance that can actually follow the intruder.
  5. And the most unpleasant, drones can save money with less personnel on the playground, hallways, common areas and cafeterias, with the ability to video during times of movements, and in less accessible places that stationary cameras can not.

Whether you are a proponent or using drones in our society or think that they are a sign that the world is coming to an end, there is one thing for sure, they are not going away. Besides, rather than trying to fear the advancement of technology, shouldn’t we try to find ways to embrace it and use it effectively, or does anyone have a better idea? Anyone, Anyone?


Robin L. Stockmar M.Ed.

Technology Integration Specialist





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